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Bitdefender an Anti-virus for Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses.
2019 Product line
Anti-virus plus
Internet security
Total security
Family pack

Bit defender Gravity zone anti-virus is also tiered into two basic tiers and those include; Business Security Bundle and Advanced Business Security Bundles and each of it is cumulative as explained below

Business Security Bundle

This type of Bit defender is compatible to do the following functions according to your company or organisation and there as follows;

  • Physical Desktop
  • Physical Servers
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Virtual Servers
  • Console Option (Cloud / On-premise)

Advanced Business Security Bundle

This one has contained all the tiers in the business security bundle and also more advanced options that makes it more configurable than that one above considering on your business or company. And they include;

  • Physical Desktop
  • Physical Server
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Virtual Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Mobile Devices (Available on-premise)
  • Console Option (Cloud / On-premise)

All Bitdefender packs 2019 are available in Barter Kings Uganda Limited
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