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This Type of Anti-Virus software has got different types of tiers and they include the following; Eest Consumer products, Business solutions, individual endpoint products,Business packs, and many more other solutions as are detailed below

Eset Consumer Products

  • Eset Smart Security (Window)
  • Eset Cyber Security Pro (Mac)
  • Eset Nod 32 Anti-virus (Window)
  • Eset Cyber Security (Mac)
  • Eset Nod 32 Anti-virus for Linux Desktop
  • Eset Mobile Security (Android / Windows / Symbian)
  • Eset multi-Device Security Pack (Desktop / Laptop /Mobile)
  • Eset Parent Control for Android

Eset Business Solutions

This type of Eset Software is tiered into four categories and each of the category is cumulative as follows

  • Eset Endpoint Protection Standard

This one includes *Eset endpoint Anti-virus *Eset Mobile Security and *Eset File Security.

  • Eset Endpoint Protection Advanced

This also includes *Eset endpoint security *Eset mobile security and *Eset file security.

  • Eset Secure Business

This Eset Anti-virus software includes the *Eset Endpoint Advanced and *Eset mail server security.

Eset mail server mail box count is 1.2x user quantity of Eset secure business

  • Eset Secure Enterprise

This includes *Eset secure business and *Eset gateway security

Eest mail security mail box is 1.2x user quantity of Eset secure Enterprise

Eset gateway security license count 1.2x user quantity of Eset secure enterprise

Individual Endpoint Products

These include the following;

  • Eset Endpoint Security (Windows)
  • Eset Endpoint Security (Mac OS X)
  • Eset Endpoint Anti-virus (Windows)
  • Eset Endpoint Anti-virus (Mac OS X)
  • Eset Nod 32 Anti-virus Business Edition for Linux Desktop

Business Packs

These include ;

  • Eset Home Security Packs

These include *Eset endpoint security *Eset mobile security and *Eset file security.

  • Eset Small Business Security Packs

These also include *Eset endpoint security *Eset mobile security *Eset file security and *Mail security.

Other Eset Business Solutions

  • Mail Server Security
  • File Server Security
  • Gateway Security
  • Virtualization Security
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