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The ultimate IT solutions for business.
We provide to you GFI software and all its products features here at Barter Kings Uganda Limited as we are officially Partners of the GFI software developers.

This one also is tiered into several tiers and are all available or catered for in Barter kings Uganda limited reach out to us on our mail or on our tel. We shall get you covered and satisfied

The tiers of the GFI include the following below;


Network security scanner and Patch management

This is the essential of all, it is also has other product features as they include

  • Patch Management
  • Auditing and Security Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning for Computers and Mobile Devices
  • Network Analyzing and Auditing

GFI Mail Essentials

Email protection software to keep your Network secure and block spam.

  • Granular, User-based Email Content Policy Enforcement
  • Powerful and effective Business Spam Filtering
  • Blocks Email-borne Viruses and other Malware

GFI Archiver

Archiving for productivity, Management and Compliance

  • Archiving for Email, Files and Calenders
  • Limit Legal Risk and Archive Compliance
  • Identity business issues with mail-insights Report

GFI Fax Maker

Fax maker auto mates faxing, making it electronic, simple and secure

  • Increases Efficiency and Productivity
  • Leverage Existing Applications
  • Improve your Business Processes

GFI Fax Maker Online

Faxmaker online provides simple, fast, hosted faxing. Enables users to send and receive faxes directly from these email system.

  • No Installation Required
  • Immediate Return on Investment
  • Support Multiple Platforms for Email-to-Fax-to-Email
Come all at the Barter Kings Ug Limited for more advanced solutions world wide

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