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This anti-virus has two types and these include the; Kaspersky Endpoint for Business and Kaspersky Small Office each type is cumulative as shown below.

Kaspersky Endpoint for Business

This type of Kaspersky Anti-virus has also got other tiers adding upto four and each tier is again cumulative as follows


  • Anti-malware
  • Fire wall
  • Cloud Assisted Protection
  • Kaspersky Security Center


  • Application Control
  • Application Whitelisting
  • Web Control
  • File Server Protection
  • Device Control
  • Mobile Endpoint Security
  • Mobile Device Management


  • Encryption
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Managed
  • Licensed Software Usage and Compliance Tools
  • System Configuration and Provisioning
  • Image Creation and Storage
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Remote software Installation and Troubleshooting


  • Mail Server Security
  • Web / Internet Gateway Protection
  • Security for Collaboration Servers (Including Share Point Servers Protection)

Kasperky Small Office for Desktop and File Servers.

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Phishing
  • WiFi- Protection
  • Application Control
  • Data Backup and Storage Recovery
  • Password Manager
  • Data Encryption
  • Cloud Management Console
  • Secure Online Payments / Financial Security
  • KSN Cloud Protection
  • System Watcher
  • Fire wall and Network Attack Blocker
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