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End Point Security

1. Kaspersky Anti-virus (Endpoint Security, Kaspersky small office and internet security)

A) Kaspersky endpoint security for Business: It has four tiers and these include; Cloud, Select, Advanced and Kaspersky total security of each tier is cumulative.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security -Advanced
All the above plus

  • Encryption
  • Vulnerability scanning and patch management
  • Licensed software usage and compliance tools
  • System configuration and provisioning
  •  Image creation and storage hardware/ software inventory
  •  Network admission control
  • Remote software installation and troubleshooting

Kaspersky Endpoint Security -Total Security for Business
All the above plus

  • Mail server security
  • Web/internet gateway protection
  • Security for collaboration servers ( including Share point server protection)

B) Kaspersky small office for desktops and file server

  •  Anti-malware
  • Anti-spam
  •  Anti-phishing
  • Wi-fi protection
  • Application control
  •  Data backup, storage and recovery
  • Password manager
  • Data encryption
  •  Cloud management console
  • Secure online payments/ financial security
  •  KSN cloud protection
  • System watcher
  •  Firewall and network attack blocker

2. Bit defender Gravity zone; It engages the most advanced cyber-security
in the world and below are the key features
A) Business Security bundle

  •  Physical desktops
  • Physical servers
  • Virtual desktops
  •  Virtual servers
  •  Console option (cloud/ on-premise)

B) Advanced Business security bundle

  •  Physical desktops
  • Physical servers
  • Virtual desktops
  • Virtual servers
  • Microsoft exchange
  • Mobile devices (available on-premise)
  •  Console option (cloud/ on-premise)

A) Eset (Consumer products)

  •  Eset smart security (windows)
  •  Eset cybersecurity Pro (Mac)
  • Eset Nod32 Antivirus (windows)
  •  Eset cybersecurity (Mac)
  •  Eset nod 32 Antivirus for Linux desktop
  •  Eset mobile security (Android/windows/Symbian)
  •  Eset multi-device security pack (Desktop/Laptop/mobile)
  • Eset Parental Control for Android

B) Eset Business Solutions

  • Eset Endpoint Protection Standard
    Includes Eset Endpoint Antivirus, Eset mobile security & Eset file security
  •  Eset Endpoint Protection Advanced
    Includes Eset Endpoint Security, Eset mobile security & Eset file security
  •  Eset Secure Business Includes Eset endpoint Advanced + Eset mail security. Eset mail security mailbox count is 1.2 x User quantity of Eset secure business
  •  Eset Secure Enterprise Includes Eset secure business + Eset gateway security
  •  Eset mail security mailbox count is 1.2 x User quantity of Eset secure
  • Eset gateway security license count is 1.2 x User quantity of Eset secure

C) Individual Endpoint products set endpoint security for windows

  • Eset endpoint security for Mac OS X
  •  Eset endpoint antivirus for windows
  •  Eset endpoint antivirus for Mac OS X
  • Eset Nod 32 antivirus Business edition for Linux desktop

D) Business packs

  •  Eset Home security packs: Includes Eset endpoint security, Eset mobile
    security & Eset file security.
  • Eset Small Business Security Packs: Includes Eset endpoint security, Eset
    mobile security, Eset file security & Mail security

E) Other Eset Business Solutions includes; Mail server security, File server security, Gateway Security & Virtualization security.

4. GFI Software Product focus;

  •  GFI mail essentials
  •  GFI Languard
  •  GFI web monitor

5.Cyberoam/Sophos Solutions Features that come along with the purchase of the Appliance

  • State full Inspection Firewall
  •  Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  •  Control over instant messaging
  •  User Identity & Group Control
  •  Automated Failover
  • Bandwidth Management
  •  Multi-link management
    Annual Subscriptions (Optional)(Antivirus+ Anti-spam+ Intrusion protection + Content Filtering + Web Application Firewall + Outbound Antivirus)